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User Self Registration Form - Sign-up Form

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  • User Self Registration Form - Sign-up Form

    Is it possible to have this kind of user sign-up form ? Where users can create their profile(user) without the admin actually creating them as users? Any possibility of this feature in future? For example, on the login form itself, there could be a link "NOT A MEMBER? PLEASE REGISTER HERE?" With options like admin activating the account before the user is able tologin and immediate activation just upon creation then the user is able to login to their space.

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    You can create this form on your side, and create a your with checkbox isActice:false with API


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    Hi Senior Members. I am failing to create the REST client call to allow users register themselves. Can the EspoCRM api respond to SOAP calls? I have developed APIs in SOAP not REST.. Ineed help on this. Is there someone here who can help me at a fee? I really need this capability.


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      "Can the EspoCRM api respond to SOAP calls? " - No

      In shared topics you can find workable code.

      You need to make POST call to api/v1/User with json

        "userName": "tester",
        "lastName": "Tester",
        "firstName": "Test",
        "password": "1",
        "passwordConfirm": "1",
        "isActive": false,
        "isAdmin": false


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        Ok let me try that... this is a lot more helpful....thanks.