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Drag-and-Drop Email Templates?

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  • Drag-and-Drop Email Templates?

    I'm looking at EspoCRM and like what I see -- other than it seems to have extremely basic email features. Is there no drag-and-drop visual builder so my emails don't appear to be from 1991?


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    Extremely basic is like near to zero?


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      It's very basic with just text and some variables. It's like how email used to be done years ago. Today, it's all drag-and-drop, layouts, etc. But it seems this CRM doesn't have that ability? If I'm sending e-mails to leads, I need my emails to look modern and professional. Not just text.


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        If you already use Espo and want to craft a fancy looking marketing email, you can mark up a template separately and copy paste it. If it's not marketing emails, I'd recommend to stick to 1991-style, as it's more appropriate

        Edit. E.g. this browser extension. Didn't try it though.‚Äč All editors produce an HTML. You can just copy paste the produced markup into an email template in Espo.

        We are unlikely to implement drag n drop editor any soon. Writing from scratch? Would the effort be compensated considering this is an open source product? I don't know. Maybe there are some open source libraries with a compatible license (non-copy left).

        Edit. Remembered about this lib
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          I am looking to this lib as it is been used by Mautic the open source marketing automation platform, and it seems good.

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        > It's like how email used to be done years ago.

        Gmail and Outlook still offer me the simple editor.


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          it is even easier to create nice Emails, when you take advantage of the espoCRM features. Only some variables? This is more powerful than any drag-and-drop-editor, and whats more important, it works.
          I attach here a part of a template, which had been made with the Email entity, everything is served by a database entity (for a seller of vintage furniture and design objects). It takes a few minutes to create a newsletter this way.
          It is only a cut out, but it has actually everything a newsletter needs, header, images, text, footer. There is no limit in designing.
          Only needs a bit of imagination and you have a good chance to realize taht with this "poor" editor.


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            I welcome the extension that support this if you ever decide to create it.

            However it is a questionable request and expectation though. Microsoft Outlook is a multi-millions or more correctly(?) billions company yet their email software Outlook (at least the offline) version does not support Drag and Drop "template"

            Right now, everyone is "AI" AI AI as their update, which from what I seen, it only help with Text Generation. But not image (yet?) or design.