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BPMN RealTime flowchart processing

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  • BPMN RealTime flowchart processing


    When building and testing BPMN flowchart, it would be really nice if the the flow (activities - gates etc..) could be updated in real time to see the progress of the in real time, this helps a lot especially when building complex flowchart. At the moment you have to refresh the page to get the update of the flow elements, where the flow arrived. If it is difficult to add real time tracking of the flow elements, i would suggest then to add a button to refresh the flowchart without having to refresh the whole page to get the update of the flow. This is really helpful when testing and building complex BPMN flowchart processes.

    Thank you.
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    Does not it work with websocket?


    • yuri
      yuri commented
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      Seems it does not handle, as a process record is not updated.

    • rabii
      rabii commented
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      never tried that with websocket.

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    It seems to be easy to implement. Will be done in the next hotfix release.

    You will need to configure WebSocket to have it working.