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Outlook outside & Espo inside - how to OAuth?

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  • Outlook outside & Espo inside - how to OAuth?

    We've purchased the outlook plugin but we're struggling to set it up in our envirionment.
    We can't get outlook oauth to work -

    our Outlook server is on (public Internet)
    our Espo server is on an internal IP address (not visible from Internet).

    between the two is a Citrix NetScaler that maps the callback URL to the internal Espo server.

    outside request
    NetScaler remaps in/out URLS
    inside request

    When Espo is configured with the siteUrl ''
    trying to connect Outlook this returns:
    AADSTS50011: The redirect URI '' specified in the request does not match the redirect URIs configured for the application

    For testing we changed the Espo siteUrl to '' and we get:
    If this window is not closed automatically, it's probable that URL you use to access EspoCRM doesn't match URL specified at Administration > Settings > Site URL.

    I also tried hardcoding the outside url in the various php/js files where oauth-callback was referenced but got the same 'non-matching url' message.

    Can anyone offer suggestions on how we might get the Outlook oauth working in such an environment?


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