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    Hello Teams,

    I use zycoo pbx.. and I have do comment this in file ClientImp.php because zycoo don't return "Asterisk" word

    PHP Code:
            if (strstr($asteriskId, 'Asterisk') === false) {
                throw new ClientException(
                    "Unknown peer. Is this an ami?: $asteriskId"

    Can you say me where I can add custom entity to lookup phone ? we don't use account, so I need add ours custom entity when lookup or relate ..on the popup call ?

    another question : how must phone number in crm ? sample for Belgium : 02555 55 55 .. or mobile 0477 77 77 77 ..
    I need to have so .. or with country code like 0322555 55 55 and for mobile 032477 77 77 77 ?
    And if possible, need to write the "name" of call by user.

    Great extension ...congratulation.
    Thanks in advance.
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    1. It's a vendor library code. It's not easy to extend it.
    2. You can try to add your custom entity to Quick Create Entities. Create a file /custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/integrations/Asterisk.json
    PHP Code:
    "fields": {
    "quickCreateEntities": {
    "options": [

    After that, clear a system cache (Administration > Clear Cache).

    3. Each phone number is formatted into E.164 format. In the connector, you should select your home country. If you have it as Belgium, the number can be 02555 55 55 or 0477 77 77 77. But, the phone from another country should in the international format +44 123 444 55 66.
    4. I will investigate on Monday if possible to add a name of a call to a call popup.
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      Many Thank Tarasm,
      1) I understand.. I have just say this for info. (if someOne other have this kind of problem)
      2) done .. wonderful.
      3) Ok .. understand and work like a charm.

      And where a must put this "CallerID Lookup (optional):" and this "Post incoming events (optional):" .. .in witch file in asterisk ?
      And don't understand VoipDashlet... I just have a checkbox .. and nothing else.
      Same with in admin setting : VoIp Routing : configure routing... I click and I have a list view empty and nothing to do

      I need to extend 'voip:views/fields/phone' .. because I need to send direct on phone (CiscoExecute to initiate the dial ).. where is the custom path ?

      And maybe feature request : in this moment, "context" in on the admin setting. it's possible to make this setting in the user interface ? I explain : we have 2 department .. so each department have dial rule and dial permission specific based on department. so sample :
      extension 1x, department A use trunk A so contect=departmentA
      extension 2x, departement B use trunk B so context=departmentB
      Maybe to "role" ? how I can do this ? create new connector for same asterisk ?

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        To display a Call name field in a call popup, please create/modify the file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/app/popupNotifications.json with the code:
        PHP Code:

        "voipNotification": {

        "additionalFields": {
        "callName" : {

        To take effect, clear a system cache (Administration > Clear Cache) and reload a page in your browser.
        Note: "order" option will work from the next release.

        CallerID Lookup - uses to get a caller name from CRM. It should be configured on your telephony side.
        VoipDashlet and VoIp Routing do not use for Asterisk connector. They related to Twilio connector.

        To extend the "voip:views/fields/phone" view, use this guide I will investigate the "context" question within a few days.
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          Thanks a lot of Tarasm


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            Hello Tarasm,
            just another question :
            List of ignored numbers
            i am not regular expression .. just need ignore : 11, 12 to 19 and 30, 31 to 39 ? in regular is : 1# and 3# or i must write each extension to ignore list.



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              You can add each extension to ignore list
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                How many Asterisk AMI can be integrated on a single ESPO Instance?


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                  How many Asterisk Server can be integrated to One Instance of ESPO?


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                    I don't know the limit but you can add many "connector"
                    so user can choose witch "connector" to use.


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                      I think, the maximum number of connectors can be up to 100.
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                        item New VoIP Integration version is released.
                        - Added possibility to sort additional fields.
                        - Asterisk: added possibility to define a dial context for each user.
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                          Many Thanks Tarasm .. .wonderful
                          i will try this week-end


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                            Hello Tarasm,

                            i have disable "voip extension" (integration).. because ours users is not "ready" :s and i have this on log file :

                            PHP Code:
                            [2019-12-19 22:19:01Espo.ERRORUncaught Exception Espo\Core\Exceptions\Error"Voip Integration Extension is disabled. You can enable it via administrator panel." at /home/crm/public_html/application/Espo/Modules/Voip/Providers/Asterisk/Manager.php line 62 {"exception":"[object] (Espo\\Core\\Exceptions\\Error(code: 500): Voip Integration Extension is disabled. You can enable it via administrator panel. at /home/crm/public_html/application/Espo/Modules/Voip/Providers/Asterisk/Manager.php:62)"} []
                            2019-12-19 22:19:05Espo.ERROREmailAccount 5d9dabee1aa4e7efd (Select Folder) [0cannot change foldermaybe it does not exist [] [] 
                            the other error .. is i think with the "outlook extension" ..

                            this two "error" .. spam the log file

                            What do you think



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                              After disabling VoIP connector you should remove a cron job in your crontab.
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