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  • Advanced Pack + Voip Integration Pricing


    i just need to clarify few points before purchasing these two packs listed below :

    - Advanced Pack
    - Voip Integration

    we are using the open source version of your software and we interested into two packs mentioned above, my questions below :

    - Is the price / payment is paid once depending on option 1 year / or 2 years upgrades Or is there any other monthly payment charged ?

    - Is it fine to purchase these two pack and add them to the open source instant installed on our server ?

    - Voip Integration : For twilio does the software allow to record calls in our database and have both click-to-call and receive inbound coming calls ?

    - Layout Manager : is it possible to change the view layout of some entities e.g single account view : we would like to change the structure of this view and put tasks first then calls etc is it possible to customise a single view layout ?

    - Can we change the crm styling as we would like to give it a fresh new look ? if yes how could we achieve this ?

    - Any suggested links for tutorials and documentation on how to customise crm ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks


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    - You pay once and get Advanced Pack or VoIP Integration with 1 or 2 years subscription for upgrades. No other monthly payments. You will be able to use Advanced Pack or VoIP Integration even when 1 year expired. Buying new license will continue your ability to upgrade to newer versions. For more information about license and Advanced Pack usage, please read the

    - You can install these two packs on your existing instance. Note: The license allows you to install the extensions for one EspoCRM instance only.

    - EspoCRM just saves an URL of recorded calls from Twilio and can play this audio inside EspoCRM.

    - Layout Manager. The question is not clear for me. You can want a video of using Layout Manager:

    - It's possible if you have good skills in software development.

    - Documentation is available here: and tips:

    I recommend you to register a free trial to try all features of Advanced Pack and VoIP Integration before purchasing,
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      Hi Tarasm,

      Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

      I am happy to move forward and pay for both packs, however i am not able to make payment via card from Morocco. So could you please send me an invoice for both packs Advanced pack + Voip Integration with two years upgrade so i can proceed with payment from our bank directly in Morocco. my email address is

      Please let me know is that should be OK.

      Many thanks

      best regards,