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VOIP not showing incoming/outgoing call notifications

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  • VOIP not showing incoming/outgoing call notifications

    VOIP not showing incoming/outgoing calls notifications

    I have enable this to the server my phone is connected to and connection was successful, I setup my user ID with my Ext and PW.
    I setup the scheduled task to run every minute as instructed. I am not getting any notifications! What could be wrong?

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    Did you follow this instruction
    In some cases, the Asterisk server sends to EspoCRM a user phone number instead of user Ext. Try to add additional phone numbers for your user


    • khopper
      khopper commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, I followed the setup instructions.
      My Ext has no other numbers associated to it, IB or OB.
      This is however running on a windows server using the "Task Scheduler" and set to run every minute.
      Has this been extension been tested by development to work on a Microsoft platform or is it specific to Linux?

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    Linux server is preferred, but for Windows it should work fine as well.
    To find a problem:
    1. Enable a debug mode
    2. Make test calls
    3. Check EspoCRM log file Here should be some information about call events.