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is this possible with Advanced Pack?

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  • is this possible with Advanced Pack?

    HI all,

    I have a question, I need a report, could be a simple list.

    So what I have, I have "Contacts", because of historical reasons I had to made a manual Customer-ID for each contact (is a custom field).

    I have a second part, called "Vehicles".

    A contact can have one or more Vehicles assigned - till now, all works great.

    So, If I filter now under the Vehicle's list, I can also filter for all what is needed/what I want. I can also show the "Contact" of each vehicle. This also works great for Excel.

    But what I need to see now as well in this list/excel export, are more information about the contact. so for e.g. I'd like to see the following fields in a Report:

    (first if the field is in the Contact or in the Vehicle, second the field, nearly all of them are custom fields)
    - Vehicle, Type
    - Vehicle, Location
    - Vehicle, Model
    - Contact, Contact
    - Contact, CustomerID
    - Contact, paymentopen

    is it possible to create such a report with the Advanced pack?

    I have really no issue to pay the amount for the Advanced Pack, but I would be really pissed, if this simple thing, wouldn't be possible...?

    Unforutantelly it doesn't seem, like there is a way, to test out the Advanced Pack on our on premise installation... this would be really prefered...

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    If I understand you well, of course this simple report can be created with Report feature
    You could use demo for test, but it is reset twice a day
    Or you could to use free trial cloud solution. I think one month is enough for tests