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Workflow - Adding Contact to User Entity

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  • Workflow - Adding Contact to User Entity

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know the formula to add the Contact field from a linked User entity? Everything is creating properly except this field. Thanks!

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is what I am trying to do in the workflow:

    I cannot get the Contact field to update via the workflow. Thanks as always!


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      What relation did you choose? I see only Assigned User is available.... And why do you assign name to id? (the last row in formula) I think you need to create Entity and you can set all needed fields with GUI and without formula


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        Apologies. I should be more descriptive when I have issues. I am creating a user from the Contact entity from a workflow. Here are screenshots to show what I am trying to do.

        In the contact entity I created a field called Create User. Once edited to "Created" the workflow triggers to create a user based off the Contact entity. In the User entity, everything populates except the Contact field. I cannot figure out how to populate that from the contact entity (a few screenshots attached).


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          I need also a screenshot of your relationship


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            Contact contacts Many-to-One user User Edit


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              According to this screenshot, user link contacts and don't have the field contactId. contactId - field, related to one contact and used in Portals


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                What formula would you put in to link the contact field in the User entity? Just linking them in relationships isnt enough when the workflow is triggered? Thanks so much for helping me out with this.