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  • Filed read only condition

    Hi, I need a field to be read-only based on whether it is a specific user, how can this be done? Thxs.
    Last edited by salvalerma; 05-09-2023, 07:42 AM.

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    you have two options, using dynamic forms or field level permission through roles.


    • salvalerma
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      Hi Rabii, thank you very much for your reply. The problem with dynamic forms is that you can only use fields, but I would like to be able to use the value of the current user.
      I understand that it would be best to do it by roles, but I'm not sure if it can be done. I had already seen the security at the field level.
      My specific case is that everyone can see all documents, except those uploaded to a certain entity, which keeps confidential documents.

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    then i suggest to do it using roles, if all users are part of a one team, then you can allow them to see document of their team and just assign a team to a document you want them to see otherwise other document leave teams empty and they won't be able to see those documents on certain entities. you can use formula to apply assignment based on which entity the document belongs to etc

    your use case is doable you just need to tinker around. we are here to help