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auto create lead source when importing

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  • auto create lead source when importing


    is it possible to automatically create the lead source from the xls/csv file?

    for an example my file contains about 10000 leads from multiple sources.. usually from 10-50 different sources, these usually change from file to file..

    the problem is that i have imported these but it doesnt show only search filter coz i havent added those manually.

    is there a possibility to automatically create them or add the search filter so i can search

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    Hi livewire

    you can add all the source in the source field of lead entity, administration => Entity Manager => Lead => (fields) source field add all your sources there. Once it is done you can reimport your leads with a source column (value of the source column should match value added in the lead's source field. when importing the file you can just choose update and check field source to be updated. check this out



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      Isnt there a way to create the sources without re importing? coz i have already imported over 50000 leads and once we import we delete the file