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Display client logo in Opportunity kanban card

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  • Display client logo in Opportunity kanban card

    I have added a logo field (image) for an Account. Is it possible to display the logo/image in the Opportunity kanban card? I'm very visual and this would really help me.

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    Hi, yes, you can do that:

    1. in Opportunity entity create an image field
    2. In Layout put this field in Detail view and Kanban view and if you want also in List view

    You have to choose the logo image in Detail view, not in Kanban view, the it will be shown in Kanban


    • lesliefoster
      lesliefoster commented
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      ok, that works. However, would that attach the logo to the Account when it is converted?

    • shalmaxb
      shalmaxb commented
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      I don`t think so, but maybe that could be done by formula (entity\isNew]. Though I did not test it, because I do not use this workflow.