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    I am stuck with lazy users whom need to work with espo and another program for quoting. They have no interest to work with espocrm if the data are not imported automatically in it.

    I know how to manually import my account and opportunity in espocrm.

    But here the trick, I need to import 2 to 3 times a day and I want this operation to be done automatically for this project.

    If I understand well the big picture, I need to use cron to run a php or script file in a scheduled task to do so.

    Do you know where I might find example for importing data via php or scripts and cron or maybe a step-by-step walkthrough to do so?

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    you can check out this link: Maybe, it will be useful for you.


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      Thanks it is a start!!

      But in, Tanya wrote :

      "Create this import with the wizard in idle mode" no problem here

      "Develop own job, which will create the same row in the job database." But I have a lot of question with this. Where is the job database and how can I access it.

      Thanks to everyone for your time.