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  • Bug time zone

    Now I am facing different time zone between espocrm application and database.
    Let me reproduce again what I did in this issues.
    1.First:Server timezone and database timezone is default UTC, Espo CRM application setting > time zone is Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh but server
    2.After that I reconfig time zone of server and database to GMT+7(Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh)
    But now it's still showing different between espo crm application and database is 7 hours.
    Please help me how to solve it now.

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    for database always is used UTC format,
    Timezone from settings (preferences) is used for view and export


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      Hi Tanya,
      So in case I create workflow to create lead automatic from email:
      ex I create one field startdate (date time format) I have to plus(or minus) different time?


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        You can set it. An example
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          Setting Time Zone Asia/Bahrain the clock in the application is running two hours ahead. How to correct? Its across all time zones? One fix is to choose a time zone that is two hours behind. How to correct it?


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            I am also experiencing the same issue with Asia/Bahrain, Asia/Riyadh. It is GMT+3, but all times in the CRM is showing GMT+5. Had to set a time zone GMT+1 (Europe/Dublin) to run the application with the local time. Any method to correct this bug?


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              Hello dreginald,
              Could you tell me where you set the Asia/Bahrain time zone: System (Administration -> Settings) or User (Preferences)?
              Cause the system in most records shows you the User time zone.


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                In both


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                  This had me confused in the beginning everyone. So to help explain this in better detail.

                  Espo stores all times in UTC time zone in the DB.

                  Then each user goes to their preferences using the 3 dots at the top right and sets their time zone according to each user.

                  The admin settings time zone is used for things like workflows so you set this to your main time zone.

                  Then on records for example espo will display the time based on the users time zone from the user preferences.

                  If you need put time into a email template or a field then you will need to use formula to convert to your time zone from UTC.


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                    Excellent explanation !