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How to generate upgrade package?

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  • How to generate upgrade package?

    I want to setup a local git repository for working on modifications to html and js and other things that can't be done in /custom. But I am a little confused what to do to generate an actual upgrade package when the code is updated. Is there a script to generate an upgrade package? How do you do it for the official upgrade packages?

    When I use git is the 'stable' branch the correct one to take production updates from?

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    Is there any news on this? For example I see that the upgrades pages is lacking 5.5.3-to-5.5.5 so I have to apply 5.5.3-to-5.4.4 and then 5.4.4-to-5.5.5.
    I would like to upgrade my dev repository with git and then create an package to upgrade production instance. Do you have any advice?