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  • Hook with Phone Number

    I'm trying to create a hook to add the primary phone number to the meeting entity. What I'd like to do is pull the phone number for the account and populate a varchar phone field to display on the detail view.

    The issue seems to be with accessing the entity_phone_number table. Is that table mapped differently than the others? Is there a better way to accomplish this?

    Here is the hook that I've created:

    public function beforeSave(Entity $meeting)
    //I have removed other parent options and only have accounts as parent type for meetings
    $accountID = $meeting->get('accountId');

    $phoneList = $this->getEntityManager()->getRepository('EntityPhoneNumber')->where(array(
    'entityId' => $accountID,
    'primary' => '1'

    $phoneNumberID = $phoneList->get('phoneNumberId');

    $phoneNumber = $this->getEntityManager()->getEntity('PhoneNumber', $phoneNumberID);

    $phone = $phoneNumber->get('name');

    //I have created a varchar field named phone to accept the phone number.
    $meeting->set('phone', $phone);
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    I recommend you to use formula for Meeting
    It is easier.
    but you need to change a core file (it will be changed in the next release as well)


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      I just updated to the newest version today and tested it out. It works perfectly when I edit single records. I tried to do a mass update and some of the phone numbers matched up and some did not. I'm going to look into it some more but thought I should ask if there is something else I should be doing to tie the action to the record/account.
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