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Attached images not showing in portal

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  • Attached images not showing in portal

    Referencing an entry point to display an image in a template as <img src='?entryPoint=image&id={{any image id}}'/> works perfectly when accessing Espo as a normal user, but when accessing from a portal the image doesn't display.

    I traced the problem and it seems that the system prepends the substring 'portal/' to the path references, so instead of 'data/upload' the path is specified as 'portal/data/upload' thus images fail to display.

    I am trying to solve this for images by cleaning up the 'portal/data/upload' after the fact, but think that it would be best if the system files could account for the type of access (normal vs portal) when determining path names.
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    Could not reproduce. Works fine. Might be a server configuration issue.


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      Thanks for your prompt response, found the solution, had to do with Acl and it is NOT a bug, but a rookie mistake.

      I originally uploaded the image as a field related to an entity for which the portal has no access.

      I simply changed the values "related_type" and "related_id" to null in the "attachment" table and everything works great.