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E-Mail body not displayed if HTML-E-Mail (displays "0" instead)

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  • E-Mail body not displayed if HTML-E-Mail (displays "0" instead)

    First of all, I want to say that I enjoy working with EspoCRM very much! It's a great program and I'm looking forward to the future of it!

    I've just encountered a small problem with emails. Anything seems to work fine with mailparse, set-up of email, sending, reading and so on. But almost all of the HTML-formatted emails show body "0" instead of the message with formatted text and/or photos. "Text-only" emails display the correct body. I think, "Deant" may have had a similar problem:

    I just cannot find a solution, though.

    Can you please help me with this? That would be gorgeous!

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    You can try to switch to MailMimeParser. In data/config.php you should add the line:

    'emailParser' => 'MailMimeParser',

    Could you provide the source of problem email so we could test it.



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      Hi Yuri,

      thank you very much for your quick help! That was the essential tip. HTML-emails now do have a body with content!

      Do you still want me sending a sample email that formerly caused the "body-Zero-problem" - or maybe you don't need after your code-line did help?

      As usual, if you solve one problem a bunch of new questions arise, though. Maybe you can help here too?

      HTML-emails, which have been already stored in Espo before adding the code in data/config.php, persistently stay with body "0". Is there a way to "re-import" them so that they show the body-content like the new emails?

      And is it possible to import emails which are stored sorted in folders or sub-folders on the IMAP-server in similar folders in Espo?

      May I ask a question from a completely different part here too?

      How/where can I import (about 60.000 records) of monthly/season-depending/yearly-total revenues? (My customer has purchased the AdvancedPack for his reports. Here it is importing about: order type; amount; order date; delivery date; assigned user; type of customer; customer-id).

      Leads me to: I've encountered a problem importing the mass data, like the 7.000 leads/contacts of my customer. The job imports only a random amount, i.e. about 4.000 and stops then. I have to split up the CSV-data into i.e. 2.000 records each and import them one after the other, to get them all. Is there a way to get them in one run? (I'm worrying a bit about importing the 60.000 records about revenues...).

      I'm definitely recommending my interested customers EspoCRM with the AdvancedPack, for in my opinion it's a gorgeous CRM!

      Thank you!
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        About data import - check the box Execute in idle



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          To re-import emails you need to remove imported from crm. Remove Email Account and create new one.

          The source of problem email will still be useful for us.


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            Hello Tanya, hi Yuri!

            Thank you again for your help! Always appreciated very much!

            I shall try the check-box-solution later today and report back. (I have to run the Cron-Job via PuTTY then, I'd assume?!)

            Unfortunately I couldn't re-import the emails after removing them from the inbox, then removing Email Account and creating a new one again. When adding the Email-Account-data the former status with all stored emails showed up again. Do I have to delete the user completely? Or, how can I delete the Email Account in the CRM?

            For the HTML-problem-emails, where shall I forward a sample problem-Email to you?

            Just a tiny comment about installing. After completing the installation, there is this hint about setting up a Cron-Job. Maybe it would be helpful for the beginner to tell that the path displayed possibly differs from the actual server installation path. For example at our server there is no /opt/RZphp71 path. But Cron-Job to add displayed as: "cd /mnt/...wd-installation-path_on_server; /opt/RZphp71/bin/php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1". Also our server doesn't use "cli" as coded in cron.php but "cgi-fcgi", which let the Cron-Job die if not changed in cron.php. Maybe this might be helpful for others to mention. Maybe also it might be just me being a stuuupid beginner, though...

            Thank you and have a great weekend ahead!