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Can't create Task with a Parent via Workflow

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  • Can't create Task with a Parent via Workflow

    Not sure if it is a bug or I am missing something, but at least a kind of an unexpected behavior for me.

    I have a workflow that has Task as Target Entity and creates a new Task if the first Target Task is complete. The first Target Task is related to an Opportunity, which means it has a parent Entity Opportunity.

    This workflow works OK until I include property Parent to the newly created Task because I want it to have the same Parent as the Target Task. I set Parent = field = Task.Parent, and it fails to create. I can see in the log that the workflow is run, but no Task is created.

    On the contrary, if I remove property Parent from the Workflow and set any other properties for the newly created Task, it is created without problems.

    Basically what I want is to click "Complete" on the Tasks board on the right of the Opportunity page and get a new Task on the same board automatically. If you know any other way to set up this procedure, please share

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    I just tried such a workflow and it seemed to work fine. What versions of EspoCRM and advanced pack do you use?


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      This problem was fixed some time ago. It seems like you're using an old version of Advanced Pack. Please update Advanced Pack to the latest version and try it again.
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        Thank you! Updating Advanced Pack did solve the problem