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EspoCRM 6.0.0-beta4 released

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  • EspoCRM 6.0.0-beta4 released

    All issues:


    Upgrade from 5.9.4:
    Upgrade from 6.0.0-beta3:

    Command to run upgrade:

    php command.php upgrade -y --file="path/to/"

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    I would like to propose a small enhancement in the layout of list view -> image:

    I would like to have a top and bottom padding of 5 px for the images. as it is now, one image is directly touching the next one. See photos.

    Meanwhile I solved this with custom.css
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      i delete what i have write : for one will create user by code :

      The tips is how email address .. i think same for phone number

      PHP Code:

      $o = (object) [
      'emailAddress' => $email,
      'primary' => true,

      'userName' => $userName,
      'salutationName' => 'Mrs.',
      'firstName' => $firstName,
      'lastName' => $lastName,
      'type' => 'regular',
      'isAdmin' => 0,
      'isActive' => $isActive,
      'gender' => 'Female',
      'emailAddressData' => [$o],
      'assignedUserId' => '1'
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        Hi, I am having a problem with the beta4. The installation was fine. I logged in and did a cache clear and rebuild. Up to this point all went well. Then i replaced the espo folder under custom folder with the one i am using under the old version. I cleared the cache and did a rebuild of the database.After logout when i try to access the site, I got an "Error 500". with blank page. I have attached the log. Please review. Thank you.
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        • yurikuzn
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          Could you provide the file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/User.json.


        • yurikuzn
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          Did you run rebuild from the command line after copying custom folder?

          It's recommended to run upgrade rather than copying custom folder.

        • murugappan
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          I will reinstall and rebuild using CLI. I will revert soon.

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        Some Tipo error :
        on : application/Espo/Core/Select/SelectManager.php

        'relavance' => self::FT_ORDER_RELEVANCE, i think is : 'relevance' ? i don't know where is used but maybe

        And on documentation

        the directory path is wrong : custom/Espo/Custom/SelectManager/Account.php. missing S



        • yurikuzn
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          Thank you.

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        yurikuzn I did the folowing:

        (1) Install a fresh version of beta4
        (2) Did a cli rebuild. Everything ok up to this point.
        (3) Copied the custom->espo folder from another instance created using 5.9.3
        (4) Did a CLI rebuild. Rebuild was ok.
        (5) Started espocrm application - failed error 500.

        I have attached the custom folder and log file. We normally copy the espo folder from custom folder to other instances to apply the changes we have made. Example when we apply changes from the development instance to a production instance.
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        Hello Yuri,
        strange but i think ..
        i disable cache on chrome browser :

        i have book entity with calculed field "barcode" type "qrcode" : it's just this : barcode=string\concatenate("" , isbn );
        on listView .. when i select action "all result" .. it's seemt not recalculate all ! only first .. or .. is strange
        when i select one.. and click recalculate .. it's ok..

        i have a chrome extension "qr code reader" .... who facilte this.

        i think .. one is recalculed .. more no .. just try still now
        when select one ... no error..
        when select page .. ? not verified
        when select all .. error

        error log :

        Espo.WARNING: E_WARNING: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given {"code":2,"message":"in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given","file":"/application/Espo/Core/Select/SelectManager.php","line":2814,"context":{"params" :{"where":[{"type":"and","value":[{"type":"notEquals","attribute":"isbn","value": ""} ,{"type":"isNotNull","attribute":"isbn","value": nu ll}]}],"select":"pictureId,pictureName,name,number,lo cat ion,isbn"},"passedAttributeList":"pictureId,pictur eName,name,number,location,isbn","seed":"[object] (Espo\\Custom\

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        Upgrade from beta4 to 6.0.0: