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EspoCRM 5.8.0 released

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    mysql 5.6: end of support: Feb 2018; ext. support end: Feb 2021

    5.6 and 5.7 have some differences and it was hard for us to support 5.6. We often had bugs because of that.


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      I been talking to some of these host, and it seem some of them only install MariaDB.

      If I most hosting to them, will my current database that use MySQL be usable on MariaDB? Or will I need to do some Database conversion?


      • yurikuzn
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        You can switch to MariaDB w/o problems. No any actions required.

      • espcrm
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        Working as state (at least during these few hours of Live usage). Using MariaDB at the moment from the previous MySQL 5.6

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      Hi Guys at Espocrm,

      Now i am facing a problem. I am unable to create another instance of 5.7 version of escpocrm for testing purposes from cpanel softaculous. It always gives me the 5.8 version and kills the installation because of MySQL version. Is there anyway i get the older version in the mean time?


      • Marcus
        Marcus commented
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        I'm not the most experienced user but when I was testing it, I did a second install by uploading the EspoCRM files to another directly in public_html and ran the installer while creating another MySQL database.

      • espcrm
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        Don't use Softaculous I guess. Do a manual install.

        You would need to create a new subdomain, upload EspoCRM 5.7 to the server, exact it. Open subdomain. Do the installation (create new Database and User if you want to).

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      Hi Guys,

      I am sure there were ample warnings but our priority is in releasing new functionality and apps. Regression is one thing the pay masters dont understand. Migrating PHP version 7.2 or 7.3 was easily achieved as we did parallel development on both versions. Migrating the DB is a sensitive tasks in relation to losing data.

      Looks like many of us could be lagging Espocrm in the releases. We are currently purchasing a dedicated server just for the upgrade. Migration would take us sometime but from the looks of large of releases from Espocrm, we could be lagging very far behind. We were evaluating another option. That is to setup a fresh Espocrm on the dedicated new server and import data from the older crm to the newer crm. We seem to hit lots of snag because the import and export works well in a limited level. It fails when entities are linked and also the export and import of emails. Sigh! Has anyone done this before?


      • telecastg
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        Who was your final choice for shared hosting ?

      • espcrm
        espcrm commented
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        Went with Hostinger, if anyone plan to sign up with them. Let me know, I send an affiliate link.

        Promising all earning from this will be put toward EspoCRM open source development of wanted feature.

      • murugappan
        murugappan commented
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        Thank you espcrm for the good advise. We have been doing this all time when we create test and development versions. Like you said, the main problem we have is with the Upload folder. In the case of creating test and development environment we drop the upload folder completely. Database migration is not a problem even though the DB size is about 3GB. Migrating that upload folder was a real problem for us as it hogs the server and is really slow. The size is about 8GB. How do we migrate such a size? Will using SSH be any faster? Any help is much appreciated.

        BTW, we use instances of Espocrm for various purposes. It really great software. We use it to create and manage lookup tables, runtime configurations, application configuration, document templates, SQL queries etc for our backend PHP, Python and Java applications. Work wonderfully well. As control is essential, we have never modified the original codes. We created supporting modules outside of Espocrm and used the APIs. We even have our Android and IOS mobile apps linked to Espocrm.
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      murugappan Hi muru, sometime it best to create a Post or a new thread. It very hard to notice Comments reply because the notification system don't work quite well. Only saw this because I was doing a bit of a search.

      As for your question about Upload migration, it is painfully slow using method such as FTP. I went with this method which depend on your server might be easy or might be hard.

      I use my CPanel's File Manager. I zip a portion of the file. Download it and upload it to new server.
      I could only zip/archive a portion because of my Host size limitation. But if you are not restricted, you should be able to Archive everything or a big portion in one go.

      Would love to see what you have done with it to see, especially with the Mobile Apps.


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        Hi espcrm,

        We are still stuck with version 5.7. The system is heavily used and with the current Pandemic everything is so slow.

        Our mobile apps on both Andriod and IOS does the following:

        (1) Submission of reimbursement medical claims via the Case module. The user submitting the claim gets a reply with a case number so that he can follow-up on the payment.
        (2) The user gets profile reports and claims stats
        (3) Approvers approve the claims via mobile apps anywhere.