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  • Fedex Integration

    Hello all,

    Looking for a FEDEX extension that can pull tracking numbers and the data that comes with it into a custom entity. Would love to see some already built extensions or quotes on what it would take to build one out.

    Capability Needs - Input the tracking number and enter delivery status and shipping confirmations to the stream or a field. Must work with custom entities.

    PM me with the price.



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    Hello bradaks
    we already did many api integrations for EspoCRM. If you want, you can send details to us through email, and we'll prepare an estimate for you.
    Our email address:


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      I would love to assist you with your requirement,
      Please reach me at my personal mail or skype to discuss further in details.
      Looking forward to discuss with you .
      Best Regards,
      Email :
      Skype : live:sofia_6831


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        Hello There,

        Hope you are doing well!!

        I can surely assist you with you Fedex Integration

        Please reach to me at my email : to get an estimate.

        Awaiting your response.

        Best Regards
        Carter W


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          I remember someone did something similar to this. I can't remember, it might have been item (an user on the forum).
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            Hope you are doing well and safe.
            I would like to assist you with you Fedex Integration

            Please reach to me at my Email : to get an quote.

            looking forward to your response.

            Best Regards
            Skype : Vanessa_12766


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              Hello Brad ,

              I am interested assisting you on Fedex Integration

              Please connect further, if still hiring

              eMail -



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                If I ever hire/contract with any of these guys above, which I'm sure we will in the future, I would absolutely 100% make them put the work they did for me up on this forum for others to copy, use, and learn from. That's what this is all about, Free & Open-Source Software (FOSS) that helps to build and advance these already great projects forward further.


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                  Hello all,

                  Just posting an update. Still no developer that has claimed this job.

                  Sent emails to:

         - No response
         - Seems confused about what EspoCRM even is??
         - No response
         - Contacted in the past for a job and was not very helpful so did not reach out.

                  Thanks all! Still looking for someone. Ebla usually does all of our custom needs but I know he is super busy right now.



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                    bradaks i'm sorry if you had bad experience with us before. Unfortunatelly i can't track specific case by your username.
                    If you'll have a problem with finding developer for this one, please give us a try. We even thought about creating such integration, it's on our list but we started from payment integrations.

                    I can guarantee that we have knowledge for this one, we already done many similar projects which require implementation of remote API(in this case api of fedex).