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I am looking for someone to do Module development

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  • I am looking for someone to do Module development

    Does anyone have a module to integrate Quicken/Quickbooks ... my customer is an accountant that needs to integrate CRM with customer financial records
    If appropriate to respond outside of the forum pls respond to


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    Hi There,
    Hope you are doing well,

    I can help you integrate CRM.
    Email sent with details, please check.

    Maria J


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      Hello, i send you an email in few minutes
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        I don't know about Quickbooks, but as far as I know, Quicken does not have an API to be able to integrate and it's a great financial software but horribly closed to third party software.

        We currently use Quicken because is so user friendly and I have been looking for a way to exchange data between Quicken and Espo (to display customer balances for example for an Account, or generate automatic emails when a customer balance reaches certain amount or aging) so if anybody can develop these capabilities I would also be interested in paying for such work.


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          telecastg yes, you're right. I know that Quickbooks have open api - here you have even documentation:
          But now i checked Quicken and this software don't have api available for users. There is a lot of questions about that, but i don't think they'll create that kind of functionality.


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            Thanks so much for the info emillod it is really a shame because Quicken is much user friendlier than Qucikbooks but I know that most "serious" users prefer Quickbooks because of its robust architecture and "real" financial software features, and its almost the standard for CPAs for small to medium size business at least in the United States

            If acatenac client is a CPA, she/he will probably need integration with Quikbooks and Espo and you could certainly do the job
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