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Coding Mentor-ship required for customizing espocrm code

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  • Coding Mentor-ship required for customizing espocrm code

    I started customization of espocrm according to my requirements. I am in search of a senior espocrm developer, who can help me in completing coding tasks, i will pay for time.
    I planned these initial customization ->
    -> Self user registration with Google Singin.
    -> Integration of SendGrid api

    This my initial planning, after completing these tasks, we will go for other tasks.

    I am experienced (Nodejs,Angular,Javascript,.net) backend and frontend developer.Currently self learning Backbonejs and PHP But i am Espocrm code.
    I can speak English, Hindi and Urdu. But we can do communication with text.

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    Hello attachaudhury
    i think we could help. Please check our website We alreade did few integrations through API. We also have experience with google integrations.
    Please contact us at - i hope we'll cooperate

    Best regards


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      Welcome to the forum. Not sure if you know about this thread yet but it might be of interest to you:

      Was about to post a link to someone asking about Google and OAuth but it turn out to be your thread.