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Bankruptcy of Treolabs GmbH in Germany

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  • Bankruptcy of Treolabs GmbH in Germany

    Hello, in February 2020 the company Treolabs filed for bankruptcy in Germany. Treolabs was the official marketer of EspoCRM in Germany. We have had several Espo projects implemented with a team in Ukraine via Treolabs. At that time the team refused to conclude a direct contract and always referred us to Treolabs. All Treolabs email addresses known to us are no longer available.

    My questions about this:
    1. Who is responsible for the marketing and support of EspoCRM in Germany?
    2.How can we possibly reach the programmers in Ukraine (e.g. an Angelika Murashko).

    Thank you very much
    Stephan Waldmann

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    Hello animax ,

    I am Eymen Elkum from Eblasoft LTD. +6 years from EspoCRM development, experience and already many appreciated customers over the world worked with us.

    We can help you giving professional support for your projects suggesting the best practices to solve your requests and developing custom modules that are installable and safe upgrade.

    Looking forward to hear from you,
    CEO & Founder of Eblasoft.
    Professional EspoCRM development & extensions.


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      Hi Stephan,

      We are technical partners of EspoCRM in Ukraine. Please contact us at for more information and e-meeting each other.

      All the best


      SapientPro is your trusted tech partner in web3, AI, SaaS, NFT, blockchain, e-commerce, UI/UX development and more!


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        I can also help you with your Espo CRM Requirement.
        Please check PM.

        Best Regards,
        Sofia G


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          Thank you all for your help! I will think about it.


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            Originally posted by animax View Post
            Thank you all for your help! I will think about it.
            Hi Stephan ,
            I am interested to discuss on professional support needed regarding ongoing projects.
            Please connect further as suitable for you



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              We are so sorry that such a situation occurred. We understand how disappointing it is for a business to lose touch with the development team of the project. In order to improve the situation, we can provide you either with the contact of our Ukrainian partner Serj Molodyk that deal with programming or with the contact of our German partner Joel M. Dakhov (SEPHIROTEC GmbH Goebenstr 3, 50672 Köln, Deutschland, +49(0)221 64 30 50 90) that offer configuration of EspoCRM.


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                Is there any news on this? Any official partners in Germany?


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                  hi Stephan. Most of the developers in Ukraine (Zhytomyr and Lviv) moved to Seotm (Ukraine) and represented by Kenner Soft here in Germany, CTO becomes a shareholder. You can contact me for details,