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EspoCRM + Asterisk (Germany)

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  • EspoCRM + Asterisk (Germany)


    we are a small telephone service that takes calls on behalf of external companies.

    For the past few years, we've had web-based software running there that works on a CRM system along with our hosted Asterisk system. This is still in use today. Since the CRM system does not offer us the possibilities that we would like, we had a new call system programmed.

    The call system has better customer access and significantly more options. It is based on the EspoCRM system in cooperation with our Asterisk facility, which remains.

    For the continuous further development and maintenance, I am looking for a new german partner for certain reasons who will permanently take over, support and expand our EspoCRM. This also means that I need you as a permanent contact if there are problems in day-to-day business or if new functions have to be programmed.

    I would be happy about a short feedback.

    Many Thanks

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    we use a asterisk pbx with espocrm extension and work well.
    but i have do a modification because i don't like how asterisk handle outgoing call.
    i have do modification on espoCRM with ours cisco spa50xG .. so on click2call, i send number to phone .. and user just need to take off the handset and the call is initiate.
    what are you phone "hardware" ? cisco ? grandstream ? yealink ? other ? are you happy ?
    Can you initiate a outgoing call easyly ?
    Else incoming call is perfect, maybe with call park or something so ..need more investigate for better user experience.

    Best Regards


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      Sorry, but this is the wrong topic

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      Hi item, good question but I think he want a "Job Offer", so discussion is wrong topic.