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looking for dev to add feature "upcoming appointment, in case views"

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  • looking for dev to add feature "upcoming appointment, in case views"

    Hello everyone,

    im missing a feature i described here:

    can anyone make me an offer how much this is to realize? I would make the extension public if it helps to make this cheaper.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi there, so basically you want functionality that the new column 'Meeting' will show planned meeting associated with the case, right?

    So you could see easily if you have planned meeting to that specific case?



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      Yes exactly.
      Maybe even more general and just the next meeting with the Client/Contact the case is assigned to.


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        Hi, so basically what do you exactly want?


        1) Just be able to manually relate a Meeting to the Case
        2) Whenever you create Meeting to Account/Contact X (or set the Account/Contact on Case) and a Case exists to that Account/Contact, do you want the system automatically relate the Meeting to that Case?
        3) Scheduled job that will do the logic in 2)?



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          check the screenshot from the link.

          On the menu i want to click on cases and see the next appointment from the users with a case.

          Why do i need this? If a customer does not have a meeting/appointment scheduled, i want to get back to him and make sure he sticks with me or if there is a problem.


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            Hi, I have programmed functionality that when you create a meeting regarding Contact or Account, system will check if a Case exists for that Contact or Account and will automatically update field 'Meeting' on Case - so you will see it in list of Cases.

            If you would like this functionality, I will prepare extension package and send it to you - so you just upload it to Administration -> Extensions and it would start working.


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              This sounds great!


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                Still looking for a solution here.


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                  You want only to see scheduled meetings for future? It's matter of creating hook which will search for meeting after case creation and relation field. If you don't find any developer for this, i can help you, just send me an email.