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Case view with meeting reference

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  • Case view with meeting reference

    Hallo eveyone,

    i use "cases" as my current customer projects.

    When i hit the "Cases" menu button, i want to see, if i have appointments scheduled for every customer im working right now.
    I tried to create a relationship between - "Meeting" and Case or Contact, but its not working. Clearly im doing something wrong here.

    If its not working in the "case" list view, i would be happy to have some sort of view, where i see all customers/contacts with a meeting scheduled.

    I think this is a real easy thing todo, but i cannot get it to work.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi there.
    Unfortunatelly this goal can't be achieved through UI. You need to complete it through code. As an option you need:
    1. Create a new One-to-Many relationship between Case to Meeting
    2. Develop a Hook that will fetch all IDs of the releted to Contact Meetings and store the fetched IDs into the new link multiple fild created on the first Step
    3. Add the Link-multiple field of the new relationship (step 1) into the Case list view.


    • keda
      keda commented
      Editing a comment
      I think thats beyond my coding skills thanks for your time!

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    I've moved this topic into the Developer Help branch. Hope you will find some help here.