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    I have created a portal where I create three users and a role, in the role I give them access to everything, the only thing they cannot do is delete, however, none of these users have been able to create anything, if they can read and edit them, the problem occurs when they create something, they get a 403 error, but as I have told you, in the role I have given them access to everything, also to create.

    This is the error that comes out, this is the role you create and this is the portal

    I hope someone can help me

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    Hello Ara you should change settings of the role. There is a setting "Assignment Permission" in roles.


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      But that option does not appear to me


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        Please upgrade your espocrm instance


        • Ara
          Ara commented
          Editing a comment
          Doesn't that affect the server?
          Because I have read here in the forum that when they do that they get errors like "bad server responce"
          And the truth is that I do not have the knowledge to be able to solve it, I have been able to install espocrm thanks to the tutorial, and I have been able to customize some things thanks to this forum, but I still find myself discovering the options that I have and I have had some errors like this

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        Ara if you want you can go to our website and write to us an email. We'll try to help you there.