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File missing "original/espo-main.js" ?

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  • File missing "original/espo-main.js" ?

    i don't know if it's important but this file is missing ing V8.0.x : client/lib/original/espo-main.js


    1: {"version":3,"file":"espo-main.js","sources":["original/espo-main.js"],...

    the result is in browser :

    Could not load content for /client/lib/original/espo-main.js (HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE)

    I am alone with this message ?

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    Upgrade packages does not contain original sources. Hope to fix it in future. Trade off is that packages will become larger in size.


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      I have the same problem... it raise when i want to create own module...


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        Hi item just came across this too while I was searching! This file and folder seem to disappear from the latest Git.

        Can't find it in the 8.1.5 Stable branch git either.

        I download the Release file and I can see the /client/lib/original/ folder but this file is missing. Manage to find it in the EspoCRM-8.1.5\client\lib\ folder instead.

        Unfortunately still getting error with email:


        I see another error: "Pagination" will be deprecate or disable, thinking back I was using the Extension: by the wonderful Kharg, I decide to disable that setting.
        Unfortunately with that still did not fix the error.


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          Is developerMode enabled? If yes, you should disable it.


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            Originally posted by yuri View Post
            Is developerMode enabled? If yes, you should disable it.
            Just had a check, it is not enable or added in the config.php. Should I add it and set it to false?

            'isDeveloperMode' => false,​