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When is it recommended to upgrade?

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  • When is it recommended to upgrade?

    Hello I'm using EspoCRM in production for a few weeks and let me know how often should I update the production version.

    This question arises because minor versions are being launched almost every week and major versions are released every month. This seems great, and very good for the life of an open source project, but it takes me a long time to deploy the update to do it every week.

    To note is that the stable branch is always on the latest version, which will not let me clear if I can stay with a previous version.

    What I want to know is: If I have the version 3.7.0, I can wait to upgrade to 3.8.0?. Or I stay then upgrade the 3.7.x branch, for example, the 3.10.3?. Or I have to keep myself always coupled with the stable branch?

    What is most recomensable? What is it safer?

    Thank you

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    We upgrade our crm instance everytime a new version gets released. No matter minor or major.

    I'd recommend you to upgrade always to the latest minor because minor releases have only bug fixes. And not to hurry with major. You can wait about 1-2 week after a major version is released.


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      According. Thank you so much. That is the answer I expected.

      Thank you for everything you are doing.