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Espo on LAN / Outlook on WAN

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  • Espo on LAN / Outlook on WAN

    We are running our instance of Espo on an internal IP address.
    As a result, the Admin->settings->siteURL is set to a non-routable IP.

    When configuring Outlook the read-only redirect URI is http://<internalIP>/oauth-callback.php.

    IT can map individual URLs to the Espo service -
    e.g. - can map to http://<internalIP>/oauth-callback.php.

    Whenever I try to load the URL - using the internal IP or external name & mapping I get:

    If this window is not closed automatically, it's probable that URL you use to access EspoCRM doesn't match URL specified at Administration > Settings > Site URL.

    Anyone have a similar configuration working? Any advice?

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    there are no issue to have espocrm on lan, the only requirement is have in https
    i have forget, if ip is too forbiden, you can add a dns server internaly, is better for futur.
    if you have few computer, you can add a entry in host file


    i precise, https, this is only required because office need redirect to https url.
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