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Upgrade to v7.0 with manual customizations

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  • Upgrade to v7.0 with manual customizations

    If you have Espo with manual customization and you face with problems after upgrade please try to debug and resolve the issue by yourself first. Or revert to the previous version. We are overwhelmed with help requests at this moment and can't provide help for such cases.

    v7.0 has almost the whole core rewritten, it's not fully compatible with manual customizations.

    Method signatures

    A common problem is not matching method signatures when you extended from a core file. You can find all places with such a problem by running:

    php preload.php
    It will show an error if one exists. After fixing run it again and so on.
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    I guess, revert to previous version is only possible with such backup of former installation?


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    Backup script

    You need to adapt to the new config-internal.php path.


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    v7.0 has almost the whole core rewritten, it's not fully compatible with manual customizations.
    Because of the above, for those with substantial manual customizations (code modifications) I strongly recommend to follow these steps to upgrade instead of upgrading using the script.

    1) Make an sql dump of your production database, using PhpAdmin or similar tool

    2) Copy your production instance settings.

    3) Install a fresh Espo 7.x instance into a local or test server to make sure that there are no permission, version or server issues unrelated to Espo.

    4) Modify settings in the new instance to be able to reproduce your preferences and existing passwords

    5) Load the new database with the sql dump from the production instance

    (see this link if you require help with the steps above

    6) Copy your custom folders from your production instance to the test instance: Copy folders custom/Espo/Custom/ and client/custom/ and if you use modules for manual customization copy folders application/Espo/Modules/{YourModules} and client/modules/{your-modules}

    7) Run the CLI command php preload.php as recommended by yuri in the top post and make the necessary changes.

    8) Troubleshoot other possible errors and bugs. Here's a thread to help troubleshooting manual customizations when updating to Espo 7 Contributions that describe a PROBLEM AND ITS SOLUTION ‚Äč for manual customization issues are welcome there.

    Since manual customizations will probably trigger different problems that require unique troubleshooting, or if you have made changes to core scripts (not such a good idea... but), you will need to compare scripts (old vs new) to solve those issues, so I recommend using your code editor and display old and new versions of all affected scripts side by side to learn how deprecated or obsolete methods are handled before and after Espo 7

    9) After ironing out all kinks (hopefully !) and backing up the existing production instance, then upload the test version to your production server and perform a final test there to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

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