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Error 500 on Advanced Pack Demo

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  • Error 500 on Advanced Pack Demo

    Hello, I am currently trialling the advanced pack demo and I keep getting an Error500 when I amend a contact. Not sure how to get resolved, or what's going wrong. Thanks Glenn

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    You need to provide some sort of information Glenn, it impossible for anyone to help you like this.

    For a how to here:

    You would just need to try a various thing to get it working yourself, or people will be giving you general hit or miss guide without more information


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      The problem was in the Workflow Actions for Creating Record > Parent field (attached the screenshot). This field was empty, that's why the error occured.
      Also, part of a workflow was to send a task which is assigned to the changed contact and the Parent field to be the same as the changed contact.
      To do this, we can use this formula:

      parentId == contactId
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