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  • Hosting Espo on the Cloud


    I have recently been tasks with hosting Espo on the cloud (ibm cloud). I was wondering if anyone had a step instruction on how to do this.

    I was thinking of using docker images of both MySQL and EspoCRM

    I am pretty new to cloud computing/docker so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi, if you are new to cloud computing, it will be a little bit tough for you - however there are a lot of tutorials how to prepare a server for hosting EspoCRM. If you want Docker image, here you have official espo docker image. If you want to go by "classic" way, you would need to setup a cloud server (IBM virtual server), download all neccesarry things such MySQL/MariaDB, php, configure everything, download EspoCRM, probably config Apache/Nginx etc. Or use services like bitnami. Here is a tutorial for example installation on CentOS


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      If you a truly new, probably leave the it to a business that can host for you instead of managing the server yourself. You can develop skill in the future or someone else who is skill can do it.

      Personally I would recommend starting with a Shared Hosting which come with all the tools available that you probably would need or a VPS. Alternatively I heard Cloudtron is also a good alternative than using Docker/Bitnami.

      With Shared Hosting, once you get it, watching a video that is probably 30-45 minutes will get you started. But I understand you might not have that sort of freedom and are forced into using ibm cloud. Then you might be on your own, haven't seen any forum member mention ibm before.