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upgrade from 5.9.4 to 6.0.9 - Error 500:

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  • upgrade from 5.9.4 to 6.0.9 - Error 500:

    Hi Team

    Just ran an upgrade to our Test site.

    5.9.3 upgrade to 5.9.4 worked fine

    5.9.4 to 6.0.9 found the following errors

    Error 500: Class Espo\Custom\Services\PrintToWindowService does not exist

    we deleted PrintToWindowService.php and was able to login - this will prevent Print to PDF from working.

    log shows the following

    Class Espo\Custom\Services\PrintToWindowService does not exist; GET /I18n; line: 146, file: /homepages/htdocs/Test/application/Espo/Core/Utils/File/ClassParser.php

    Class Espo\Custom\Services\PrintToWindowService does not exist; GET /Settings; line: 146, file: /homepages/htdocs/Test/application/Espo/Core/Utils/File/ClassParser.php

    Also noticed that the Avatars are missing from each User.

    Thanks in advance

    Last edited by MATO; 01-06-2021, 08:25 PM.

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    Little more information on the Avatar issue

    Everything looks correct and we can confirm the file names are correct.

    <img class="avatar" width="20" src="?entryPoint=avatar&amp;size=small&amp;id=5d39 63d48dd51716a&amp;t=1609963871585">

    Also noticed the Logo has the same problem.


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      Hi Mato, might be hard to get help in relation to PrintToWindowService as it is a custom service and (majority of) people don't know it or use it. I assume your PrintToWindowService is the same as this one?

      Considering you posted in that thread I assume it is.
      I wrote a bit about it during my upgrade issue:

      I never really got around to getting it to work again with v6.0 at the moment. Bit too occupied to think about hard code customization.


      • MATO
        MATO commented
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        Thank you for getting back to me - I did wonder if it would be the hard coding that we used for PrintToPDF.

        We will stay on 5.9.4 as PDF printing is a must for our Sales Team.

        Any ideas on why the Avatars and Logo have lost the link to the images?

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      PrintToPDF isn't a problem with v6. That PrintToWindow is using your browser PDF Rendering instead of what EspoCRM used, which telecastg use because it provide better handling of PDF.

      As for avatars and logo, not sure. Can you open it? e.g. Can you right click on it and "view image", can you see logo? Is the file still there or you getting file not found error (you can press F12 and it will open up your browser console to see the error for these thing)


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        Hello MATO and espcrm I packaged the updated scripts as an extension which you can download and install like any other extension.

        The code is working for us using Espo version 6.0.8 give it a try and see if this eliminates the error. Here's the link:

        Espo 6 made a lot of changes to the backend that have forced to refactor old code but things are working well now. If you want to check some tips on refactoring, based on our experiences, here's the link to that thread.

        Good Luck !


        • espcrm
          espcrm commented
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          Thank you. Installing it!

          Edit: haha nevermind I can't yet. Got this error "Your EspoCRM version (6.0.6) is not supported. Required version: >=6.0.8."

          Seeing as 6.0.9 (current latest version) didn't have any major update relevant to me I didn't upgrade it.