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Update to 6.0 with Advance Pack 1.28.6

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  • Update to 6.0 with Advance Pack 1.28.6

    Good Day Guys,

    First of all thanks Team Expo and yuri for your continues development and assistant. Now I'm trying to upgrade my Espo instance from 5.94 to 6.04 but I'm having issues since I still have the un-forked Advance Pack 1.28.6. In reality most of my needs are cover by that advanced pack and my economic situation does not allow me to buy the upgrades right now. Any possible way to update without uninstalling the Advance package?

    Thanking you in advance!

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    Hi there,
    As far as I know there is no such ability. A lot of core code was rewritten for the 6th version, so even if you make uninstall Advanced pack-> upgrade EspoCRM -> install Advanced Pack back it will crash your system.
    So I suggest you to not do this.


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      Right that's what I though - Now any discounts for long tenure EspoCrm evangelist. Also I just need the Advanced pack but not really the sales or the other extensions. Can I just upgrade one and no the other ones? Can I still upgrade to 6.04?


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        in my experiment, you can't upgrade with old extension. in php command.php upgrade, you have alert message when there are any old extension not compatible (i have see with gmail and voip in my case)
        you must uninstall all old extension
        you can only buy AdvancedPack


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          Problem is that I still need some of the sales package functions, also the MailChimp's is working good as it is.. in short, my system is working just fine with the advance package that i currently have. but of course I will like to update to the most updated Espo version possible - maybe developers will help us with an updating script for this kind of legacy customers -


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            it's easy to bypass the "extension requirement check" in the upgrade package.. but i can say : you will run in many bug.
            v6 is really a big refactoring, new library .. and many other .. so i think all your old extension will "bug".