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5.7.11: search in multi-enum is empty?

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  • 5.7.11: search in multi-enum is empty?

    Hi there,
    i recently upgraded to 5.7.11 version.

    I have a multi-enum field called "Type de contact"

    I cannot search on it right now. Everything seems to be empty (even if there is some data inside).

    After editing one of the Contact, the data seems to be searchable (one result in "not empty" field).
    I don't really know how to debug that.
    Could you help me plz?

    PS: i cannot upgrade to a newer version because of Mysql 5.7 dependancies

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    After some version (it was definitely way before 5.7) upgrade should have run a script that populates array_value table. For some reason it was not executed for you. Maybe cron is disabled. It should be in pending jobs.

    This method:

    If job does not exist you can create it manually

    service_name = 'App'
    method_name = 'jobPopulateArrayValues'

    It was on this forum before.

    P.S. It's not a bug.
    Last edited by yuri; 04-27-2020, 11:34 AM.


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      yuri thanks a lot for your quick & prompt support.

      i don't really know why cron was disabled but after forcing running cron job, it's ok right now.

      Thanks again for your awesome support!