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    Hello together,

    I am using Espo 5.7.6 on a Webhost in Plesk. Crontab is enabled. Two days ago everything was working.

    Since yesterday, when logging in as a user espo says 503 authentication error and when logging in as administrator, the footer is visible and the page is blank.
    Maintenance in the config.php it is disabled, cron is running successfully.

    The web console:
    1 ) unreachable code after return statement espo.min.js:201:12

    2) An invalid or illegal string was specified espo.min.js:102:25
    connect espo.min.js:102
    onAuth espo.min.js:238
    onceMap/map[name]< Backbone
    before Underscore
    Backbone 4
    success metadata.js:72
    jQuery 4

    3) TypeError: (intermediate value).forEach is not a function espo.min.js:243:68
    setupGlobalSearch espo.min.js:243
    setup espo.min.js:231
    initialize bull.js:276
    Backbone 4
    create bull.js:114
    <anonymous> self-hosted:1019
    _getViewClass bull.js:98
    <anonymous> self-hosted:1019
    _executeLoadCallback loader.js:100
    forEach self-hosted:266
    _executeLoadCallback loader.js:99
    proceed loader.js:126
    define loader.js:133
    load loader.js:268
    require loader.js:154
    define loader.js:132
    define loader.js:440
    <anonymous> espo.min.js:29
    _execute loader.js:94
    success loader.js:341
    <anonymous> self-hosted:1023
    jQuery 4

    Thank you for your help!
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    Could you check the error log?


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      Hey Maximus,

      yes and no. The latest entry is yesterday:

      "[2019-11-11 09:39:30] Espo.WARNING: Cron is not run because it's disabled with 'cronDisabled' param. [] []
      [2019-11-11 11:28:38] Espo.ERROR: (500) 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure ; POST /api/v1/User/passwordChangeRequest; line: 413, file: /var/www/vhosts/ [] []"

      When I try to login as a user (503 auth) or as admin (blank screen), no log is generated. I just set the logger level to debug, still nothing.


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        1. In the log I see that you have disabled Cron. So it means that Cron is not working. You can enable it in Administration -> Settings -> uncheck the "Disable Cron" box.
        2. 503 error could be thrown by enabled maintenance mode. You can disable it in Administration -> Settings -> uncheck the "Maintenance Mode" box.


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          Dear Maximus,

          while what you derived from the error log is understandable, your recommendations are not tackling my problem by:

          1) cron is enabled and successfully run, the Maintenance Mode is disabled as per config.php (as I stated in my first post)
          2) I cannot go to the "Administration -> Settings" anyway, because my problem is a blank screen after login for the administrator and no login possibility for other users..


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            I set the system back to a state of 5.6.13 and it works. However, this is not a solution. Any ideas?