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Problems with upgrade from 5.3.6 to 5.4.x

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  • Problems with upgrade from 5.3.6 to 5.4.x


    we've tried to upgrade from 5.3.6 to 5.4.x, but it doesn't work.
    We've upgraded from 5.1.2 to 5.2.5 and from 5.2.5 to 5.3.6 without any problems, but now the upgrade doesn't work anymore.

    The upgrade shows

    Attached you can find the debug log. espo-2019-06-24.log

    Can anyone help?

    Best, Daniel

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    Could you check in your DB in the 'email' table the 'collation' column of the next few fields: 'name', 'body_plain', 'body'. This fields should have the same collation.


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      We have had a problem upgrading as well. Will have to roll back to the old version. New version has modified tables removing some columns from tables. Now import of schema from backup will not work.
      New schema is missing multiple columns in tables and which is leading to this situation.For Example : report_panel doesn't contain column use_si_multiplierBut same is used in older version.


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        Hi, the collations are the same for all three fields

        Click image for larger version

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          Try to uncheck the "Full-Text search" box in the Administration -> Entity Manager -> Email -> edit. Make rebuild and try to upgrade again. What is your DB version?


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            Hi, disabling the Full-Text search works for the update from 5.3.6 to 5.4.5. Thanks for this Maximus!
            But now another problem cames up:

            [2019-07-02 18:18:02] Espo.ERROR: Uncaught Exception PDOException: "SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'user.type' in 'field list'" at /var/www/vhosts/ line 73 {"exception":"[object] (PDOException(code: 42S22): SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'user.type' in 'field list' at /var/www/vhosts/"} []


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              Do do you have in the list layout of the User entity such field as 'Type'? If so, delete it from the layout.
              By the way, what version of PHP and DB do you use?


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                Good morning,

                no, the "user entity" is still default, we haven't done any changes here. But there is a field "type" in the default User.json in application/Espo/Resources/megadata/entitydefs, I think this is needed by default.

                The PHP Version is 7.2.19 (in Plesk), the database is MySQL 5.7.26.
                phpMyAdmin says PHP Version is 7.1.14, but I think this is the CLI version for mysqli.


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                  I have checked the EspoCRM version 5.4.5. The problem is that this version didn't have the 'type' column in the table 'user'. The new upgrade pack just checks for this column and don't create it. You have to create it manually as on screenshot.
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                    Oh man, it works Thank you so much!!!
                    Was this a Bug in the Update Packages?


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                      Nope, it wasn't. Sometimes such issue can occur if you are making the upgrade with the hops (e.g. 5.3.6 -> 5.4.5, 5.4.5 -> 5.5.6, etc.) instead of plain upgrade (e.g. 5.4.5 -> 5.5.0, 5.5.0 -> 5.5.1, 5.5.1 -> 5.5.2, etc).


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                        I had similar problems with out installation too. After lots of searching and reading, i found that our upgrading problem was due to "views" in the database. We removed the views and upgrade went through without a hitch. After upgrade, we created the views again. You could check for the same.