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Problem Rebuilding (or Upgrading) : Unknown database type enum requested,

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  • Problem Rebuilding (or Upgrading) : Unknown database type enum requested,

    I feel like I solved this issue by myself in the past, but I failed keeping track of the solution.
    Basically I did have to reinstall my XAMPP servers from a backup, and had to give again all the permissions required by EspoCRM.
    Yet I might be missing some kind of configuration because when I want to rebuild EspoCRM, I get the following error:

    Fault to rebuild database schema. Details: Unknown database type enum requested, Espo\Core\Utils\Database\DBAL\Platforms\MySqlPlatf orm may not support it. [] []
    I can't remember how to solve this, and the topics online are quite complex compared to what I think is a stupid param problem.

    Notes: I am trying to upgrade from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1, but even the rebuild fails.

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    the possible reason could be extra tables in the database. But what if you install a new instance, like in the first link?
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      Hi, indeed, it was because of additional tables. It is sad that it does not work with additional tables: I have a very basic hosting plan with only 1 DB, and I asked previously whether EspoCRM planned on letting users choose a prefix for the Espo install. I was answered that it was not in your plans, so I had to change the entire architecture of my other website so that it would, at least this one, have prefixes on its own, to avoid colliding with Espo.
      But now I cannot upgrade Espo because of these table, so it really was a waste of time, and now it really is a big disappointment for me on the use of EspoCRM.