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Massive Upgrade With Advanced Extension - Any Order?

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  • Massive Upgrade With Advanced Extension - Any Order?

    Hey EspoCRM Team,

    We have an EspoCRM installation (version 4.3.0) and Advanced Extension (version 1.16.0) for tests.

    We would like to update both (EspoCRM and extension) to the latest version. However, what is the optimal "order" to do this? (upgrade EspoCRM to latest version and then extension, or each version at a time). We don't want our installation to "break".

    Thanks a lot for your time.

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    in any case I recommend you to create a backup.

    My recommendation about upgrades
    1) make inactive all workflows;
    2) make inactive all jobs;
    3) wait a little, some planned jobs have to be finished;
    4) close other tabs with EspoCRM;
    5) upgrade EspoCRM to the newest version step by step
    6) download the newest version of Advanced Pack and install it
    7) make Active your workflows and jobs.
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      Hi tanya ,

      Thanks for your advice. This is what we needed. We will begin with step #1.

      Have a great day.