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Espo subdomain - Auth error

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  • Espo subdomain - Auth error


    does anybody have a related problem with usage of Espo on subdomains?
    User case:
    Client have his own domain e.g. and want to have his CRM on
    So the subdomain CRM was created and Espo uploaded to folder of subdomain. Everything works fine, as we access Espo with
    But the problem starts when Espo is successfully installed - after installation the Auth Error starts to appear.
    is this some kind of a problem with .htaccess? Because when we try to access via Auth error appears, but when accessing via it works fine.
    Is this common issue, or anybody has experience with it?

    Thank you very much

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    go into data/config.php, copy data from siteUrl and try to login. If you install from, it has to be , but better is to check it twice.
    If it is the same and still doesn't work, the problem is with server configuration (.htaccess or hosting provider limits)


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      Hello tanya, thank you for your answer. After install it was but when we changed it, it still caused Auth error.
      We were trying some .htaccess changes, but it didn't work. But in some situation, Auth error disappeared and other errors came, I guess Not found, api/v1/Settings and some Controller "api" Not found, we were checking the console.
      [2018-04-17 09:35:41] Espo.ERROR: Display Error: Controller 'Api' is not found, Code: 404 URL: /api/v1/Settings [] []
      [2018-04-17 09:35:46] Espo.ERROR: API [GET]:/:controller/:id/:link, Params:Array ( [controller] => api [id] => v1 [link] => Settings ) , InputData: - Controller 'Api' is not found [] []
      i found it, this is the log when Auth Error disappeared and new one came up
      Any further ideas? Thank you


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        this "Espo.ERROR: Display Error: Controller 'Api' is not found, Code: 404 URL: /api/v1/Settings " shows, that .htaccess is not correct