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Copy customized entity fields and lay-outs to new install

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  • Copy customized entity fields and lay-outs to new install

    Hi all, I'm August from TN. I'm a big fan of the ESPO-CRM product, but the latest update to 5.0.4 didn't go very well for me. It messed up my login/password, and I handled that with a complete new install in a different folder and connected to my original SQL database. It sounds like I know what I'm doing, but that's not the case: I'm tinkering in the dark.

    My problem now is that it seems I've lost all the customized fields that I've added in the entity manager, including labels and options that link to the customized lay-outs in the lay-out manager.
    So, since I still have my original ESPO-CRM folder ( with the messed up login):

    1. can I copy and paste the files and/or folders with the customized fields and lay-outs to the new installed ESPO-CRM?
    2. where can I find them?

    Thanks, looking forward to some light in the dark.

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    Copy a 'custom' folder to the new instance. Run Rebuild in Administration.
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    • August
      August commented
      Editing a comment
      That did the trick. Thanks you so much.