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  • Create a MySQL Database

    I just downloaded EspoCRM and I don't know much about PHP, MySQL and all that stuff. I just want to use this soft locally.
    I read the installation guide, I downloaded Xampp to make it work locally. I guess I have to activate Apache and MySQL to make things work properly.
    Now I am stuck on point 3 : "Create a My SQL Database for EspoCRM to use". How do I do that? Can Xampp do that for me? Do I have to download an another programm ?

    Please help me.
    Thanks a lot.


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    set database name as you want (crm, espocrm, my_db....)
    username and password in mysql - the main user is the user with name' root' (by default), the password you could set, while you installing xampp. I think phpMyAdmin was installed as well, try to login to see your databases


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      I think the easiest way to get started for beginners without experience with database and web development is to create an account with a web host.
      Maybe start with a free plan. Find one by google "free webhosting"
      Be sure to find a host that uses Softaculous service. With this service the installation is done with a click.


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        I am on http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php ... I created a nex datdbase, but I can't found it on my harddisk. Can't you send me a empty database and tell me were to put it on my harddisk ?


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          why do you need it on the hard disk?
          you know the database user and password, set this values on the installation form and finish the installation process


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            I have the message : "SQLSTATE[HY000] [1044] Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'icc'" I thought the proble was that th database "icc" doesn't exist.

            Sorry, I realized, I have to use "root" as user.
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              you don't need to use root user, but only the use, who has needed permissions
              check data/config.php database section. There you can set database name and user


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                I managed to get work espocrm locally on my PC. If I would like to make it work on a web host. Could I chosse for eaxample. What do I need?
                I think I need PHP, but what version?

                I finally realised, that you offer the service to webhost the espocrm solution for 15$ / month. Sorry but this solution is a lbit to expansive for me for trying this software. But here is not the best place to take advice for one of your competitors.


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         (but php5.6+)
                  Here you can see requirements. If your hosting has all of needed, of course you can choose it.

                  if you want to move your data to another server

                  And EspoCRM cloud has free trial solution for 30 days. And cloud crm includes Advanced Pack.
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