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e-mail attachement get lost after espo migration

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  • e-mail attachement get lost after espo migration


    I had to reinstall and restore my espocrm (after a disk crash).
    Made a fresh install (4.71 same as on the previous host) and then reimport the database + copied the ".../data/upload" dir content.
    So far everything seems to run well except for the mails attachement which are not accessible anymore (404 error).
    Even the new mails I received get their attachment lost!
    (but no problem with files I attached to Documents).

    I tried the repair option, check the permissions (as described in the installation doc), check the apache log + crm log .
    As the logs does not shown any error, help would be grandly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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    I made further tests and it appears that not all attachments are lost but only those of the last month :-)
    Going further it appears that the espo link to the attachment is not resolved:
    espo gives me (e.g.): https://myEspoCrmAddress/?entryPoint...ec59b00405fd6a
    but the related file 592ec59b00405fd6a is not present in $espoDir/data/uploads
    Copying the file and renaming it to the $espoDir/data/uploads folder make it accessible again!
    Finally I only have 6 or 5 mails whose attachment has to be fixed up, not so tragical.

    Concerning the current mails with attachment I receive, this seems to work now, I was confused until I cleaned the browser cache ...

    Best Regards,