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Installation Problem with IIS (no rewrites) and HeliconApe

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  • Installation Problem with IIS (no rewrites) and HeliconApe

    I'm evaluating EspoCRM and have to get it running on an IIS with Helicon Ape (to get apache functionality). The hoster doesn't allow IIS rewrites (for reasons), but HeliconApe is able to do 99% of all .htaccess stuff. Never had any problems with PHP apps, like Drupal, WP, etc.
    With EspoCRM the installation fails. Everything is fine until a message appears saying:

    API Error: EspoCRM API is unavailable.
    Possible problem: disabled "URL Rewrite". Please check and enable "URL Rewrite" Module in IIS server

    It looks like EspoCRM is determining, that the server is an IIS and tries to do the IIS rewrite and ignores the .htaccess with the rewrites in there.
    Is there a way to tell EspoCRM that this is an Apache server to resolve the .htaccess?

    Thanks for help.

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    I have the same problem we moved the software to new server which is windows - plesk panel. I don't find any solution to this problem.