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How to Upgrade espocrm docker (no docker-compose)

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  • How to Upgrade espocrm docker (no docker-compose)

    I am currently running Version 8.2.4.
    Getting he following message now : "New EspoCRM version 8.2.5 is available. Please follow the instructions to upgrade your instance."

    The instructions are for running espocrm on a server (straight, no docker.)
    I do not see specific references to upgrading espocrm when using docker, NOT docker-compose.

    So, what is the procedure to follow when on uses straight docker, WITHOUT docker-compose?

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    Before starting the upgrade, make sure to backup your database and files. This will allow you to restore your instance in case of any issues.

    docker stop <container_name>

    docker pull espocrm/espocrm:8.2.5


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      docker pull espocrm/espocrm:8.2.5 successfully pulled in the new image.

      I had to create a new container linked to the 8.2.5 image and run that together with the Mysql container (unchanged.)

      I suppose I can delete the previous image (8.2.4) and its container in a few days, after I am satisfied all is well with version 8.2.5.

      Thanks for your help.
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        Tried to upgrade to 8.3.0 and getting the following error message:

        docker pull espocrm/espocrm:8.3.0
        Error response from daemon: manifest for espocrm/espocrm:8.3.0 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
        Can the development team push the new version and tag 8.3.0 to please?

        cross-posted to github
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          As a further comment, I have the following problem and I suspect I am not doing it correctly.
          I always have missing configuration on the new docker image tag (after it is pushed to hub) and upon start of new version, I have to reinsert email passwords, locale, etc.
          I must be doing something wrong.

          Above, BigBoss is giving the steps:

          docker stop <container_name>
          Then I pull new image. And create new container since docker keeps telling me it cannot re-use the same container as older version and suggests deleting it.

          Once I create new container based on updated image (latest) this happens: when I restart the sql container and new version of espocrm, I run into the problem above, always have to re-insert all kinds of passwords (email, smtp), reconfigure locale,etc.)

          How do I avoid this? Is it possible to have settings persist when one updates espocrm?

          reminder: I use docker (not docker compose).
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