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How to search for content of multi-enum-fileds, if contend is saved as No.?

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  • How to search for content of multi-enum-fileds, if contend is saved as No.?

    example multi-enum-field:
    1 -> yellow
    2 -> red
    3 -> blue
    neither a search within the main-search-field (the field is part of the list of textfilters in basic ajustment of the entity) nor with a defined additional search-field
    ... logical, the build sql can only search for contents of the fields - and this is not yellow, red or blue, its 1, 2 or 3
    It must be a "translation" of the search-input in dependecy of the defined enum-field.
    I'm not shure if there is a trick to do it or it's a feature request ...

    in my case it's impossible to save the shown result of the 2nd column of enum-field in the 1st column - then the size of the enum-field must be LONTGEXT type
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    To search for content in multi-enum fields where the content is saved as "No," you can utilize specific query syntax depending on the platform or database you're using. In SQL, for example, you might use a query like:

    SELECT * FROM your_table WHERE your_multi_enum_field = 'No';

    Replace "your_table" with the actual table name and "your_multi_enum_field" with the correct field name. Adjust the syntax accordingly based on the database system you're working with. If you provide more details about your environment, I can give a more tailored response.


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      You need to use the advanced search:

      Add the multi enum field to the enabled filters
      I dont think you can use text search for this kind of fields
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        thanks for replying,

        but ... what is the benefit if I can see the field with ALL there content-options in the list-view?
        I want to SEARCH for "someone of" the enum-options?



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          a view of a part of my options for this field - of total 30
          may be it helps to understand the problem.
          Also an answer could be: not possible (at this time) - saves my time for searching ...