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Where to change formula for Quotes 'grandTotalAmount' field

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  • Where to change formula for Quotes 'grandTotalAmount' field

    I've added some custom fields to QuoteItems and would like to use these values as part of the Grand Total Amount calculation at the end.

    However I've been trying to follow this guide without success:

    I cannot seem to find the module \Espo\Modules\Sales\Repositories\Quote to reference from.

    Anyone have any experience modifying the calculations for Quotes?

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    I think it is not so easy to modify the sales pack calculation (if at all). When I had to add custom values to the total amount, I created a new total amount field, where I made the calculation integrating the existing field total amount.

    There is no formula for the sales pack entities, it is all coded inside.

    If you provide more details, I could help further.
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    • jaykay89
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      Ok I was able to modify the "amount" and grandTotalAmount" calculations using the example above. Somehow it just worked.
      However the calculations are broken but I am able to modify the actual "amount" value.